Jazz music has a long history in Australia. Over the years jazz has held a high profile at local clubs, festivals and other music venues and a vast number of recordings have been produced by Australian jazz musicians, many of whom have gone on to gain a high profile in the international jazz arena.


Jazz in Africa has become quite popular. Groups began to appear sporadically in large cities in most African countries. Some famous artists of the genre include Orchestra Baobab of Senegal, Habib Koite of Mali, and other artists hailing from Uganda and other various countries with a European colonial history.

middle east

Another popular form of West meets East, Arabic jazz is also popular, with many songs using jazz instruments. Early jazz influences began with the use of the saxophone by musicians like Samir Suroor, in the oriental style.

central america

South America has a long history in jazz, beginning with Luis Russell, pianist, composer and director, who travel to New Orleans in 1919 and made important contributions. By the 1940s the port city of Colón boasted at least ten local jazz orchestras.


Since only a limited amount of American jazz records were released there, Europes jazz traces many of its roots to American artists such as James Reese Europe, Paul Whiteman, and Lonnie Johnson who visited Europe during and after World War I.


American jazz were heavily marketed in Asia, and foxtrots, tangos, rumbas, blues and Hawaiian guitar styles were all imitated by Asian musicians. As the result various genres were developed within Asian music frame; Asian pop, rock, jazz, and hip hop.

caribbean islands

The Caribbean melting pot is a forge that year in and year out cranks out truly epic jazz parties. Blend Afro-Caribbean music and a cupful of rum and you\'ve got yourself a bashment that knows no boundaries.